For network administrators, who use remote control software to connect with NT servers and to troubleshoot problems without visiting the server room, we paid particularly close attention to security features. NetOp features that aid in diagnosing user problems include: Are there encryption methods used by the software? For example, in a corporate setting, a help desk administrator can take over a client PC and show a worker how to accomplish a task or fix a problem. ReachOut makes use of a small memory footprint to provide a full-featured remote control product, lacking only audio chat and the ability to record sessions. Laplinks Link to Net and Internet Directory options help the interoperability scores. Although password protected, the Link to Net connection could open security holes.

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If a customer encounters a problem, a support technician can take over the system and resolve the problem without having to ship the PC back and forth.

Remote Control Software –

Therefore, if those operating systems are used, one should use the previous version, 9. Are there encryption methods used by the software?

The simple interface provides options for get, put, delete, create directory, move and rename. Telecommuters typically use remote-control software to connect to an office PC over an analog phone line to exchange files and access productivity applications.

It lets hosts register a name with an Internet directory server. At your desk or traveling the globe, LapLink gives you the ease of quick access to all of your network resources and to files stored on your desktop PC.


Conversely, you may also try disabling lapliink Windows Firewall while leaving your desktop security software active. It monitors and records users called, files transferred, security violations and more.

Few remote control packages match ReachOut in terms of platform support or the variety of ways in which you can link remote systems. Vifeo to Net and Internet Directory Option. Its four large toolbar icons let you designate your office PC as the host, so you can connect to it remotely or connect laplikn and control another computer.

For example, in a corporate setting, a help desk administrator can take over a client PC and show a worker how to accomplish a task or fix a problem. A guest has a configurable cache setting that allows one cache for all hosts or separate caches with limits available from KB to 64, KB.

There are also options to limit what you can do with the software, all of which you can configure centrally. Wide ranges of customization options are available to boost throughput. This supports the same features and user interface, but allows you to connect to hosts over an Internet or intranet connection using a Web browser.

This paper is an effort to shed some light on six of the remote control software programs that are on the market today.

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In this category Proxy did not do well. Optional compression level settings assure excellent performance, even across slower WAN or dial up links. ReachOut now allows you to specify a set of Hosts as the target for a single connection icon. We do not intend to be an expert source of information on remote control software.


Scripting can automate synchronizing files, prompt users, display message boxes, and send keystrokes. Remote Control is only a legacy option for remoting into a Host with installed Windows or lower operating system. The Gateway module ensures flexible and trouble-free cross-protocol communicationwith full support for multiple bi-directional links.

Remote Control Software

Funk Softwares Proxy version 3. You have the capability to configure hosts for a number of security options. A new Quick Connect item added to the ReachOut Actions menu prompts you for connection information, but does not create a connection icon.

Teleworking ReachOut Enterprise 8. The ReachOut log allows some additional information to be included in the events.

December 17, December 13, admin. No one can look at the screen of your server or workstation while you are away.

Error Message: “Setup is Unable to Configure Remote Control Components”

We included the disk space and RAM space needed by the software in this characteristic. ReachOut requires you to create batch files in a separate text editor. NetOp guests either have a default set of access privileges or users receive individual privilegesā€”a useful feature. Network administrators use remote-control software to connect with a server or a workstation and troubleshoot a problem without making the long trek to the server room or the workstations location.