This is a string of various system-specific fields separated by a comma. New in version Fedora6. Are you new to LinuxQuestions. Cannot set correct display resolution – Lenny. This is the default.

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A xconfig (optional) – Configure X Window System

Changed in version Fedora9. Specifies which drives to clear partitions from. Removes partitions from the system, prior to creation of new partitions. The following errors kicktart The URL for the repository. Set the size of the physical extents in KiB.

Connect to a remote host instead of starting VNC server kickstagt. The iscsiname parameter must appear before the iscsi parameter in the kickstart file.

The various parts of the argument act like you would expect. Specify the location of an updates. Make sure you specify this option for any network command beyond the first.

For IPv6 configuration use –ipv6 option. The installation program defines several groups that contain related packages. Using kickstart, a system administrator can create a single file containing xconfih answers to all the questions that would normally be asked during a typical installation. Kickstart files can be kept on a server system and read by individual computers during the installation.


Name of the module to enable. Other exceptions include the user and xconfiv commands. This setting does not affect any other repositories, nor how the install. This option is especially useful for automated testing purpose.

If you have an old v0. Traditionally, disks have been referred to throughout Kickstart by a device node name such as sda.

If this is present, SELinux is disabled. This option allows fully automated kickwtart even in the error case. Note The pre-install script is not run in the chroot environment.

Kickstart File Summary

When using ksvalidator, deprecated items will cause an error. On older systems and some PCI systems, however, kixkstart needs a hint to find the proper devices.

Must be one of the following: Deprecated since version Fedora4. New in version Fedora7. Specifies those disks that anaconda should not xcinfig when partitioning, formatting, and clearing. These scripts run when the installer hits an internal error a traceback, as they are called in Python and cannot continue.


I chose x Use a site like this to reference charts on what number to be used: If this is present, the root account is locked by default. If this is present, the new user account is locked by default. For information about these parameters, see the bridge setting table in the nm-settings 5 man page or at https: If iickstart option is not given, anaconda will use X to attempt to automatically configure.