Dongle detected, but none of the BT config manager can use it. I guess the sound and video’s drivers are in place. Device is recognized and the volume bar on screen adjusts accordingly when you press the buttons, but it’s for the mic only also the volume controller defaults to adjusting the mic. This card reader is part of the 5,25″ front bay, including usb ports, audio, video and firewire. I’m willing to help! Broadcomm WiFi adaptor Ubuntu 9.

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The time now is And this is cpu-Z Log: This is a Winprinter, totally reliant on a Windows-only software package to work at all. It worked fine up until Intrepid; but it won’t even boot with Jaunty or Karmic. I’m newbie here i have found a related thread like this one http: Downgrade to Ubuntu 7.

Only the standard keys function 5 OS: According to a few posts, this monitor has a mistake in its table. Asus 3 Hardware Model: I know the hardware is good so it has to be an incompatibility issue. Had a minor breakthrough where the ststem didn’t freeze right after booting, but after minutes instead Just need to be pointed in right direction on makeing crossfire to work ,with two ati radeon hd xt cardsthe os i am useing is kermic koalai seem to have one card working but system doesnt seem to recognise second adaptor can you help please.: We are but little grains of sand here.


At least I don’t have to reboot into my other partiton of winxp to use it.

Desktop Hardware Incompatibility List. – Page 27

It may or may not be related to this issue, but I remember once trying to install the “resulinux” distribution at the same machine, and it was incorrectly detecting the onboard video as if it was ATI. I tried to install ubuntu 7.

Therefore, no support under: Creative Technology HW model: July 6th, 8. Graphics adapter Nvidia Geforce The drivers don’t install properly sometimes giving a blank desktop And no one in this forum gives an easy to understand solution for noobs.

FYI, I also tried two other options: Asus 3 Hardware Model: Join Date May Beans Does not recognise RAID inon3d set. The multiplier cant go above Looks like you got a flaky motherboard, and with no BIOS update, your best option would be to buy a better brand board, such as Asus or Gigabyte.


When not docked, Ubuntu 9.


This was on a dell dimension xps d and on a compaq presarioboth with inni3d pre bios. Locks up as soon as any menu is displayed, half way through the “fade” effect. Intel Core 2 Duo T Chipset: How can that be?

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. This board now works with the latest Intrepid kernel. This card reader is part of the 5,25″ front bay, including usb ports, audio, video and firewire. When goes to graphic mode, screen goes blank like open the screen but not open the computer.

When booting to the CD everything works.