Brent in one of your comments you said my smash factor was high ,had a session last night at range and some of my smash factors were 1. I seem to be hitting the ball with a reasonably square club face and path as far as I know anyway with my limited knowledge as evidenced by very little side spin and a relatively straight ball flight down the center line. You can find all this info from Mark Broadie. I bought 3 dozen used at the end of last season, and I could donate a few to see if they perform better for you on the course. Swinging up on a drive increases launch angle, decreases spin and adds yards.

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The optimal numbers are individual launh on club speed — and that type of flight can easier be achieved if the spin loft is low together with a high dynamic loft. If you are getting the proper LA for your ball speed with the backs;in amount of spin, then you have nothing to worry about. Club face contact is just above the center of the club face.

You can either find a clubface that has an open face angle most tour issued heads ARE open or find a specialist who can bend them open. Here’s where things become a bit more complicated. The manufacturers target market is the slow swinging slicer of the ball, as that makes up the vast majority of golfers. We do not have any official charts for the Senior Tour.

But the most important aspect of this impact is that it significantly reduces spin and produces the “flyer” affect I mentioned earlier.


For every golf shot struck, the rate at which the ball spins and the angle at which it ascends both factor into the result, particularly in terms of distance.

Well, let’s first define sweet spot. The lower the ratio, the poorer the quality of the strike and the more inefficient the impact.

I lost direction big time. What the smash factor as explained to me by the Carolinas PGA rules committee chairman is, is a measurement of how well the ifeal comes off the face.

Are all these stats full swings?

The Average Spin Rates, Launch Angle & Ball Speed for Golf

You can see that this is very, very high on the clubface, well above the center. The longest hitters on tour are completely different animals than the longer hitters of just 10 years ago.

How to Swing a Xngle Driver Setup. This is in direct contrast to every other club in the bag where you want to hit down on the ball to create spin for control. Can you send me the optimal numbers across the board that players and coaches should be looking for in lessons and trackman sessions.

Maximizing Driver Distance using a Trackman or Flightscope Launch Monitor |

Again, any help is greatly appreciated as I feel I have reached a plateau in scoring improvement due to launcb limited distance off the tee compared to where I used to idewl my second shots from. Step into Some Speed. While Bubba’s numbers are ideal for hitting the ball as far as humanly possible, he is hitting the equivalent of a “flyer” off his driver on every shot.


Click here to login. Before all the hype about hitting up on the ball came about, I hit down on a driver anywhere from -2 to -4 degrees and swung degrees left. For the average golfer, once again, they’re doing you a small favor, but for the better golfer, you’re getting completely hosed.

Clubhead speed, spin and launch angle all factor in gaining extra yardage | Golfweek

Gorilla Grip Golf Myth. PGA Tour 23hr ago Tiger at Ideal anngle angle and spin for given ball speed. Kym, It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you! The higher you make contact on the face of the ball, the higher the intial launch will be for a few reasons, none of the least of which is the simple fact that the center of gravity COG is below this spot and the driver face is not perfectly flat.

The single most influential factor over spin rate and launch angle is swing speed.

What is Launch Angle?

Workshops Coach of the month Tour Stats Contact. Take the Mystery out of Chipping Club Selection. Ok, so we are now making contact very high on the face with a level to slightly upward angle of attack in the “center” of the clubface, what else do we need to worry about? Power in the Golf Swing.