Looks like it works better now. It will automatically gather and attach updated debug information to this report. I’ve the same problem with a 64bit version of Ubuntu Natty GSM modem 1-port converter detected [ Anyway, I would still try the same steps with your E I never got a password box pop up when trying to access the EG. I’m considering to return back to Ubuntu The ilnux need to be compiled into huawei eg linux kernel this does work or available as modules: Now it works like before, meaning that after booting I have to disconnect the modem a few times, throw it against the wall, curse out loud..

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Results 1 to 10 of If thats the case, do it, and then via the mobile phone settings get rid of that pin code. This issue is not reproducible neither in Maverick nor in Fedora15 kernel 2.

I have to use windows to connect and it would seem that the USB Huawei dongle mine is O2 has a mass storage device with a connection program that switches over to the Modem and actually does the connection. A new device “ppp0” will be listed in list of networking hardware check this using “ifconfig”. Joseph Salisbury jsalisbury on We had terrible phone reception, and mobile data was really flakey. Your email address will not be published.


Modem Huawei E Problem. Sun Jun 21, A while ago I tried this, too, but unfortunately I did not keep any notes about what exactly was successful, in the end. And how to test manually?

Ensure PPP is compiled into your kernel Step 2: At command prompt login duh! After clicking ok it asks llinux the pin and then takes a few seconds until then I have Internet connection.

Sometimes I got the troubles to send or receive the SMS in a dongle. I closed down my Huawei eg linux and removed the EG dongle so that I could use it on my big laptop and post my message. After these logs, I’m sure that the problem is in the “option” kernel module.

Sending & Receiving SMS on Linux

Build the comgt and install comgt Step Modem Huawei E Problem Post moved to its own thread. Marek Kowalski, if you are having a problem in Ubuntu, please file a new report by executing the following via the Terminal and feel free to subscribe me linud it: In your home folder should be a file named.


I have a 3 EG Modem. Smsd main program is awaiting the termination of all modem handlers.

I am very interested in the manual process that Screamster is explaining above. From this script you can do any processing you kinux, and could even reply to incoming messages.

There are actually a couple of ways to obtain incoming text messages: I cannot see any similarity with the error in this bug in your logs. The process starts, then fails after a few seconds. The main thing to watch out for is manufacturers changing the chipsets in minor product revisions.

Sending & Receiving SMS on Linux – 20papercups

It Umtsmon is still version 0. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

E160h any one know the correct syntax for Modeswitch or where to find it? It includes a daemon, SMSD, which receives messages. I needed to manually create a wvdial file with the right entries and also got a.