Click on it and select Mark for Installation:. The other half is violence! Any reason why it won’t work for x? It doesn’t matter which settings I change, nothing happens, even if I deactivate the proprietary driver again, Compiz won’t work. I am not using swap, although I may enable it again soon. Please note that I’m using a 21″ monitor, and you will want to look up your own display settings before setting them. This simply causes your 3D driver to lie to Compiz about what the card supports; as such, it causes its own problems primarily, the desktop background and icons will be stretched to the point where they are useless, and certain compositing docks will not work properly when positioned at the top or bottom of the screen.

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Multiple X server screens eg. This is because these are the only drivers that can be legally distributed along with other free software. Your name or email address: My CPU usage gets very high even for normal activity like web browsing.

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Surprised at the way that they were enabled and ran, I copied the temporary xorg. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. It doesn’t matter which settings I change, nothing happens, even cojpiz I deactivate the proprietary driver again, Compiz won’t work. Results 1 to 1 of 1. Use the Search function and search for compizconfig:.


It could be great if anybody has got clmpiz solution or could link to another thread with a solution that makes it possible to use Compiz with proprietary drivers activated to use windows effects and desktop cube. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Get Radeon Going First, we need to remove xorg-driver-fglrx Code:. Seems a bit unstable and scrolling web pages is slow as hell but hey, it works.

Cmopiz spending a lot of time researching and testing, I finally enabled Desktop Effects. July 21st, 6. Here is the guide: The other half is violence! OK now its go time. Compiz works fine after a new re-install, but if I active the proprietary driver as suggested by the system info, Compiz doesn’t work anymore.

While the Radeon and Intel drivers have vendor support, the nvidia corporation still refuses to cooperate with open source developers at the time of compoz writing through means of releasing hardware specifications for their chips, though the nouveau developers continue to reverse engineer the nvidia driver.

This document comes without warranty of any kind! I’d also like to thank gruvsyco for his thread, on which a lot of my progress came from.

Some tips for using Compiz and Beryl with an ATI Radeon Video Card under Ubuntu Feisty

Last Jump to page: Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. July 21st, 7. After comparing the configuration that had been automatically provided and my cobbled-together disaster, I copied some of the values into my xorg. October 7th, 2. This feature is only available to subscribers. Compiz and Open Source Drivers Because of what the project stands for, we have always supported the development of free software drivers for video adapters on PC hardware.


I am not using swap, although I may enable it again soon. First off I’d like to thank the guys at Kororaa for showing me that it was possible to get xgl compiz working with decent performance on my computer.

Enabling Compiz Fusion On An Ubuntu Desktop (ATI Mobility Radeon )

July 21st, 8. However, as it currently stands, proprietary drivers provide some speed optimizations and power management features that free drivers do not yet have. Afterwards, you should also select the packages emerald and gnome-compiz-manager for installation you radekn use the Search fuction again to find them:.