I must not have been alone. I went comparing clubs at a local store and was hitting balls in a test. My average drive was probably about yds. I purchased the Hi-Bore XLi’s and absolutely love them. I had already switched to a Hi-Bore driver.

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Simply put, Distance Driven Geometry moves weight low and back in the clubhead. I had played with steel sh afts for years hiborf the Cleveland CG4 irons that I played prior to getting this set. My handicap for my leage went from 22 last year to 12 now! The head 2090 for the XLS is also loud, but that seems to be a trend with most of the manufacturers.

If you are thinking about buying them, stop thinking and start doing, you won’t regret it.

Part of helping me make my decision, besides the fact that I prefer the Cleveland irons, was that I found the price to be extremely competitive with other similar designed clubs on the market. Even my off center hits get out there. They are very easy to hit and produce the same yardage as the CG4’s with more consistency.

I went from steel stiff shaft to regular graphite shaft and for me it may not have been correct. I had the quickest head speed with the Diablo and the slowest speed with the Hi Bore, But when it came to ball speed The Hi Bore was consistantly about mph.


You still need to find a good wedge to use because this club only goes through sand wedge. Last week I drove the green on a par-4 yds! Notify me of new posts by email.

Cleveland Launcher Driver Review – Golfalot

Face at address inspires confidence and the lofts generate good heigth of ba ll flight. If you are interested in this club I would check out Golf Galaxy. They are just that. Im now playing more but for the past 2 months, golf has not been fun. I have excellent control and power with these clubs.

It is also priced a little cheaper than its sibling and with the excellent Fujikura shaft it is a hinore competitive driver for the price. Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play.

Cleveland HiBore Monster XLS Driver Review

Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. No real scuffs, dents or dings just normal wear from play and range sessions.

What this translates to is straighter shots, regardless of how hard I swing! Real bomber and real forgiving. It was difficult to tell center contact, because every hit felt pretty much the same. There is a “distinct” sound but if all you care about is performance then this might be the one for you. User Reviews david ross. Once Nibore started setting up for a big cut but lining it up to go straightI began to hit fairways pretty consistently. I highly recommend for anyone who is no longer a beginner but not great either.


I am a newbie golfer and don’t practice more than 1 a week if clrveland, but I have been playing long enough to decide to commit to a set of clubs to be the next level of addressing my game. I did notice however that almost every hit I cleveand felt good.

Compared to the Cleveland HiBore Monster XLS clevelaand, the Cleveland Launcher driver is more of a players club as the higher moment of inertia means it is easier to work the ball with this club. This is a great set of irons for all skill levels.

They felt great, no major vibration, good feel on the ball. My misses generally came when I did not hold off the finish and 20099 it into the left rough. I have not played a ton of golf in my life, probably around 15 total rounds since I started.

Fades became straight shots, and only when I really emphasized the cut swing could I get it to move appreciably to the right.